When you see or hear “deep blue,” your mind might go to the richly colored waters surrounding the Hawaiian islands. The reality is that the origin of our name is, if we may, deeper than that.

The name of Hawaii’s premier luxury real estate agency is an allusion to the evolution of consciousness that was initiated by the famed IBM supercomputer, Deep Blue. With its victory over the inimitable chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, Deep Blue paved the way for the entry of artificial intelligence into the public sphere and a revolution in how we conceive the world.  

Bringing together over five decades of luxury real estate experience and the accumulated expertise of billions of dollars in sales, Deep Blue HI establishes a new era in luxury real estate. For every client and every transaction, we tap into the deep repository of our agency to process, like our namesake, millions of options to find the one, best move.

We look forward to meeting you, and to becoming your trusted partner in luxury real estate.