Kristen Matthews

(808) 548.9007

A native of O’ahu, Kristen’s reverence for the culture, land, and community was ultimately the connection that drew her and her family back to their island roots after nearly ten years of living away.  A period during which she cultivated a distinctive flair for design and real estate, seamlessly blending projects for both personal and professional realms. 
As a dedicated mother of three, she has honed the art of being versatile and adaptable. Her extensive travels across the globe and commitment to volunteerism have enriched her ability to resonate with people from a diversity of backgrounds. With over two decades of sales experience, Kristen’s entrepreneurial spirit remains ever-evolving. 
Guided by an intuitive and personalized approach, Kristen excels at nurturing the unique needs of each client, ensuring a bespoke experience by honoring that no two are the same.