A proprietary method of marketing forged by 30 years of real estate acumen and
experience. Each property that Deep Blue HI represents from the buyer or seller’s
perspective is put into a tried and true process we have dubbed Deep Blue HI’s ‘ Meli
Marketing – [Pahu meli meaning ‘ beehive’ in Hawaiin] – where we focus on three key pillars
of two branches in marketing – Digital and Traditional:


We start by executing a digital marketing blitz that is a three pronged: Global, Domestic,
Hyper-Local strategy focused on promoting the property features and exclusivity.
From there, we simultaneously launch a series of Social Media campaigns that are
focused on the buyer or seller behavior that we are focused on attracting from the digital
audience as well as a series of email marketing campaigns. Our subscriber lists are full
of affluent Titans of Industry, billionaires, millionaires, celebrities, as well as a seasoned
list of exclusive partners who hold their own rolodex of contacts that are engaged in real
estate investment and purchases.

As digital marketing is the spear point of our efforts, we also ignite the ‘slow burn’ of our
print media marketing. With our PR and Press strategies in play, we create a “market blitz”
where our marketing collateral for your home reach the niches and neighborhoods of the
affluent audiences we have segmented. Our press coverage spans the globe with
placement in periodicals such as: WSJ, Bloomberg, Variety and many other high-profile
publications with a collective audience reach of 150 million dedicated readers. This
ensures that while a tangible marketing flier is read, the digital collateral acts as reminder
and retargets our targeted audiences.