Deep Blue HI's Enduring Legacy of Exquisite Development

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury Real Estate Services with Deep Blue HI – Hawaii’s Most Trusted Experts in Residential, Commercial, and Development Properties.

We ensure each client receives a tailored service that is specifically designed to meet their unique preferences. Personalization allows us to provide a bespoke service that is unrivaled in the luxury real estate.

Our exclusive network of high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and titans-of-industry provides our clients with unparalleled access to luxury real estate and lifestyle opportunities.

With 52 years of combined experience in luxury real estate, we offer unmatched expertise and in-depth market knowledge of Hawaii. 

Our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every client’s expectations are not just met, but exceeded, at every stage of the buying or selling process. 


To be the most trusted name in Hawaii real estate.

We are dedicated to enhancing the living experience in Hawaii. We strive to exceed our own high standards each day, building landmark properties and beautiful residences that are designed to deliver the ultimate in luxury living. Our commitment to excellence means that our clients enjoy the most fulfilling lives possible in Hawaii’s breathtaking surroundings.

Masters of Our Craft.

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